Darkhorsestock is our prime category where every week one stock idea is presented with all the relevant and introductory information. The company presented here is selected based on various suitable parameters and growth prospects we anticipate from the large pool of data . Normally companies suggested in this category are fundamentally strong and have proven consistent track record of growth. Some of the companies suggested under this category in past have delivered Phenomenal Returns.


Ideaexploration is a unique category of DARKHORSESTOCKS where occasionally random company ideas with all relevant information are provided to help users to explore the idea for possible opportunities of exploding growth which may come from this companies.


Holding company are those companies which hold the shares of other companies. They are created specifically for the purpose of holding investments, creating layers of holding which may be feasible for tax saving purposes. Many a times the investment held by these companies are valued even more than the market cap of the holding companies but they are held with a view to never sell them.

So, holding companies can be considered as dead investments since the investments are subject to realization if any over very very long period. Therefore chances of holding companies delivering any meaning returns are negligible but they are worth knowing about or having I portfolio if you have a long term view of 5-10 years.


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