Paid subscriptions are closed currently

Darkhorsestocks was started with a simple goal that is to bring amazing fundamentally strong companies to users attention. Keeping subscriptions open increases a lot of time and effort on support. We would rather utilise such time focussing more on research and analysis. We are not in this for money & that is why we don’t keep subscriptions open all round the year

Subscribe to free plan

In order to facilitate small investors we are going to provide one company every month with detailed reserarch report in free plan.

Subscription Includes

  • One darkhorsestock idea with detailed research report every week
  • 5-10 pennystock ideas
  • In total 30-45 companies per year (Darkhorsestocks + pennystocks)
  • Access to Dashboard where you can track all the ideas on real time basis (Scheduled for demo on 4th June 2022)
  • Model portfolio from all the darkhorsestock ideas (Currently work in progress.)

What other advisories are charging!!

We have compiled a list of all advisories we know out there along with the charges and number of stocks suggested by them. We also know how their performance has been. So its up to you to subscribe to darkhorsestocks or go with any other out their. We dont mind for the same.

Why Subscriptions?

  • We often take it for granted something which is available for free. We want to create a value for darkhorsestocks and that can be done only by paying something for it.

Key Differences between Darkhorsestocks & Other.

Key Parameters DARKHORSESTOCKS Others
  • 49 - darkhorsestocks
  • 6 - Penny stocks
10-15 ideas
InfoGraphic Every Week
Click here to know more.
Dasboard Unique Dashboard with list of all the ideas and Statistics
Click here to know more.
Variety Wide variety of stocks to choose from. Only Selected Stocks of which majority are common bluechip stocks.
(No brainer suggestions)
Target Price We dont provide. Maybe
Trial Available. None.
Refund Do not pay if you are not satisfied. Compulsory at the start of the service.

Please note that the numbers may not be consistent. In the coming period the number of ideas can be around 40-45 more or less becasue we suggest ideas based on the prevailing as well as expected market conditions. Since we are at the peak of the market there is more risk for the coming period.

Darkhorsestocks Performance.

Returns (Absolute) Number
200% or more 14
100% to 199% 32
50% to 99 32
0 to 49% 55
0 - 10% 3
Less than 10% 5

Some stocks may have fallen post suggestion or after gaining 10% or more, which are considered as giving positive returns. Please check dashboard for more information.

What happens when you pay?

Since we do not charge for any services or run any fixed premium membership plans, the funds received will be a big aid to fund for better research.

When you pay for something you tend to pay more attention. Its often we tend to take it for granted when something is available very easily in this case for free.

When you pay for something you help us create value for this group which further keeps us motivated knowing people do consider our services seriously.

A large number of investors are fooled by fraudulent advisors . By subscribing you could help us reach wider range of audience thereby benefiting investing community at large.


Fundalysis covers more than 200 schemes spread across 21 fund houses on a monthly basis. Currently no one provide this kind of tool for mutual fund analysis. This tool can be used to track the movements of mutual fund houses of what stocks they have been buying and selling month on month basis. At max we have about 30% over lap in terms of similarity with our closes competitors and those competitors charge anywhere between 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 Rs annually for this tool. Please refer FAQ for more information.

Plese note that this is in no way related to buying or selling mutual funds and neither we wish to provide any mutual fund related advice. This is a tool purely meant for research purpose only.

Our Plans for the coming Year

  • Improve Dashboard design, funcutionalities and speed.
  • Devlope Fundalysis platfrom.
  • Improve darkhorsestocks website design and funcutionalities to enable users to search ideas easily.
  • Provide more tools and information to let users perform their own data analysis.
  • Increase awarensee about darkhorsestocks and expand our presence.
  • Videos explaining the report on youtube.
    (We already do have a youtube channel but we would like to make it more active.)

Our Team

  • XXXXXXX - Founder & Analyst
  • Shripal Gandhi - Developer
  • Bhavik Shah - Data Analyst
  • Samkit Sheth - Developer
  • Krunal - React Developer
  • Dhruv Shah - Web Developer
  • XXXXX - Analyst
  • Niyam Vora - Content & Online Presence
  • XXXXX - Analyst
  • XXXXX - Analyst
  • Aayush Zaveri - Compliance/Trademark
  • Trusha Patel - GST

Some of our analysts have requested to keep their identity discrete due to their assocition/Jobs with other firms. Therefore we may not be able to disclose thier names. Hope you understand.


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